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A Context-aware Service Overlay for Next-Generation Connected ITS Applications

Problem Definition

Development of interoperable applications is a key requirement of many intelligent transportation systems. Applications like advanced traveller information systems, incident management systems, and emergency management systems require coordination, sharing information and services across multiple agencies, multiple data sources, and multiple communication media. Limitations of existing centralized ITS systems hinder the development of such interoperable applications. Transportation experts have to cope with: 1) multiple incompatible systems owned and operated by different agencies, 2) fragmented and conflicting data, and 3) multiple device types, which significantly increases the cost of development, management, and maintenance of such applications.

Our Objective

Potential Market

Public and Private sectors: Using the platform, both public and private sectors will be able integrate seamlessly in a standard format helping them to amortize the costs of the existing infrastructure by generating more revenues from their collaboration. In addition, facilitating collaboration and data sharing across jurisdictions allows them to make coordinated decisions to improve the overall performance of the transportation systems.

Telecom Companies: Traditional telecom services are gradually being replaced by alternatives at no or very little cost provided by what is so-called over-the-top (OTT) Internet players. Therefore, many telecom companies are aiming to develop vertical markets by providing other services in addition to connectivity. Using the proposed platform, telecom companies can use their infrastructure to provide globalized traffic information services to their clients according to their current situation. In addition, with the advent of connected vehicles, telecom companies are expected to play an important role in generating traffic information across the entire network.

End Users: The platform is expected to provide a better level of Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users. Using the context-aware services discovery algorithms, providers will be able to deliver the right information at the right place and right time. In addition, the platform enables ubiquitous access to transportation information by providing a robust, enterprise level service overlay the can be built on top of different underlying networks including IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), web, and peer-to-peer (P2P). End users will be able to access any content from anywhere and using any device.

Approach and Impact

This research proposes a next-generation nation-wide platform for Integrated Intelligent Transportation Applications (ITS). The platform utilizes the Canadian ITS Architecture as a basis providing logical and physical system architectures. However, the ITS architecture and related tools, provide only architectures, as precisely intended. The next steps are to locate, discover and interfaces with existing scattered services available via the Inter and Intra nets and build robust, enterprise level service overlay tool to integrate such services and compose new ones. Therefore, a new breed of ITS platforms is needed as a single service overlay that allows collaboration, coordination, and services integration between the different service providers. The system utilizes the concepts of standardization, automation, and service orientation to provide context-aware, dynamically adaptive discovery and composition of transportation services. Finally, the platform uses the concepts of cloud computing to overcome the limitations of traditional centralized architecture simplifying the process of sharing information and services across different domains.

Key Features
  • Automatic, Context-aware Service Composition
  • Context-aware Service discovery and Selection
  • Ubiquitous access to ITS services
  • Ability to develop interoperable applications
  • No more 20 apps on your smart phone
  • Receive the right inoformation, in the right place, at the right time

More information

Contact:mohamed.elshenawy -at- utoronto.ca

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