ONE-ITS in Brief

ONE-ITS is a pioneer initiative that exploits modern web, communications, and software technologies to enable collaborative research and development activities among widely dispersed participants specifically focussed on solving problems related to easing traffic congestion, enhancing safety, reducing stress, reducing fuel consumption and pollution, protecting the environment, and promoting urban sustainability. It does this by giving equal access to all participating researchers to the software, transportation data and knowledge resources that have been acquired and accumulated in the system. The ownership of these resources remains with the contributing agents and the project outcomes remain with the intellectual property developers. A social networking capability ensures private, connected communications among project participants.


The ONE-ITS Network Platform
The ONE-ITS Network Platform is the engine that enables collaborative ITS projects. It was conceived and developed as a Joint Project of the University of Regina and the University of Toronto. The primary goal of these two universities was to facilitate collaborative research & development among the widely dispersed participants in the Canadian ITS research community. On their own, university researchers have limited resources available or must exert an inordinate amount of effort to acquire remote access to needed resources. The ONE-ITS Network Platform resolves these limitations and enables a new cooperative paradigm. The Platform is not limited to a single national environment - it can enable internationally connected, multi-disciplinary research clusters to work together on ITS projects.

 The ONE-ITS Research Society
The ONE-ITS Network Platform operates with resource inputs from multiple agents and provides services to multiple users. An institutional framework is needed to negotiate access to resources held by transportation agencies, to manage the day-to-day operation of the platform, and to regulate user access to the system. The ONE-ITS Research Society has been incorporated as a non-profit corporation to accomplish these essential activities with respect to the academic community and their partners in the government and private sectors. It will also provide an interface service between the collaborating research community and the interested transportation practitioners who will ultimately adopt the products and services resulting from ONE-ITS projects.

 The objective of the ONE-ITS Research Society is:

“To advance the state of the art and practice of intelligent transport systems to meet social and economic goals through enhanced collaboration of stakeholders in the academic, public and private sectors using an online network-enabled communications and research platform that enables Pan-Canadian and worldwide participation.”

The members of the Society must agree to support this objective and to abide by the rules of engagement in collaborative research when they apply to join. On this understanding, the Society can approach potential suppliers of software and data resources to negotiate access for the members of the Society under agreed terms and conditions. Membership application forms are posted on this website.